A mobile-friendly website is an essential SEO ranking factor

Mobile-friendly website

A mobile-friendly website is an essential SEO ranking factor

A mobile-friendly website is a website that can be easily accessed and used on a mobile device. Mobile devices are becoming more popular, so it is important to build a website for mobile. There are essential for two main reasons: SEO and user experience.

SEO is short for search engine optimization. It is the process of increasing the visibility of a site in search engine results pages (SERPs). A mobile-friendly website is more likely to rank higher in SERPs because it is easier to use on a mobile device.

User experience is how a person feels when using a product or service. A good user experience makes people feel satisfied and happy. A bad user experience can make people angry and frustrated. A mobile-friendly website provides a good user experience because it can be easily accessed and used on a mobile device.

What changed and how it affects SEO

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Google’s algorithm update on April 21, 2015, changed the way mobile-friendly websites are ranked in search results. This affects SEO because now website owners need to make sure their website is mobile-friendly in order to rank higher in search results.

Google’s algorithm update is based on the premise that “mobile users should have a great experience searching on Google.” This means the website should be mobile friendly will be ranked lower in search results, and may not appear at all on mobile devices.

To make sure your website is mobile-friendly, you need to design it using responsive design principles. This means your website will automatically adjust to fit any screen size, from a desktop computer to a smartphone. It should also load quickly on all devices, and be easy to navigate with a finger or thumb.

How to make your website mobile friendly

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If you want your website to rank well on Google, it’s important to make sure it’s mobile-friendly. Here are some tips on how to do that:

1. Use responsive design. This means that your site will automatically adjust to fit the screen size of the device it’s being viewed on.

2. Keep your pages short and easy to scroll through. Mobile users are often looking for quick answers, so they don’t want to have to wade through a lot of text.

3. Use large, easy-to-read fonts. Again, mobile users are often looking for quick answers, so they don’t want to have to squint to read small text.

4. Avoid using pop-ups or other intrusive advertising. These are annoying on desktop computers, and they’re even more annoying on mobile devices.

5. Use mobile-friendly images. It’s a good idea to use more text than images on your mobile website.

I always suggest to reader use WordPress to build their website, because it has tons of themes with responsive functions. Almost all the theme was mobile friendly, you don’t need to learn code, plug and play that’s it.

When you choose a theme, make sure it comes with lightweight coding. Which is help to load faster and improve user experience.

A website mobile-friendly benefits

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As more and more users access the internet from their phones and tablets, having a site that is mobile-friendly has become increasingly crucial for businesses. A mobile-friendly website is one that displays appropriately on any device, regardless of size or operating system.

It should have a responsive design, meaning that it adjusts its layout to fit the size of the screen on which it is being viewed. This is important because people are more likely to abandon a website that is not mobile-friendly.

There are many benefits to having a mobile-friendly website, including improved user experience, higher search engine rankings, better brand visibility, and increased customer engagement. Having a site designed with mobile users in mind can drastically improve your business’s online presence and make it easier to reach potential customers.

Mobile friendly as an SEO ranking factor

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Mobile-friendly websites are an essential SEO ranking factor. Starting from April 21, 2015, Google has started to use mobile-friendliness as a ranking signal in search results. If your website is not mobile-friendly, it will be ranked lower in search results.

Mobile friendliness is important because more and more people are using their mobile devices to access the internet. In fact, according to Statista, as of February 2019, over 52 percent of all website traffic worldwide was generated through mobile phones.

If you want your site to rank higher in search results, you must make sure it is mobile-friendly. There are a few things you can do to make your website more mobile-friendly such as using a responsive design, using larger font sizes and buttons, and simplifying your navigation menu.

According to Search Engine Journal research, mobile friendliness confirmed is a ranking factor. If your website with outdated design should consider upgrading it to remain competitive.


Mobile-friendly website
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Mobile-friendly websites are important for many reasons. It is a ranking factor for SEO, meaning that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you could miss out on potential customers. It also allows people to access your website from anywhere, at any time. This can be a great way to increase traffic to your site and improve your business.

Google recognizes the importance of mobile-friendly websites and has made them a ranking factor in its search engine algorithms. This means that if your website is not mobile-friendly, you could be missing out on valuable traffic from Google. Luckily, there are some easy ways to make sure your site is optimized for mobile users.

Now is your turn to begin to modify your website to stand out in this digital era. Hope you enjoy this article, if you like it please help me to share it with other readers too. Much appreciate it.

If you have any questions about mobile-friendliness, please leave me a message and I will reply to you. Thank you for reading.

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